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Distributor of Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Service, Maintenance, and Medical Gas Installations. Find out down below for more information.

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Assist customers in choosing and answering question that relate to the products.

Handle with Care

Wrap or deliver the package properly until the goods arrive in a complete and safe condition.


Maintenance for the equipment applies for rental services in hospitals or Insan Husada with terms and conditions.


Warranty for the equipment order or rental services with terms and conditions

Hospital Equipment

Focus on distributing medical, laboratory equipment such as, Ventilator, Patient Monitor, include the accessories for each equipment. 

Hospital Furniture

The products are local or custom with The SNI Standard and help by technician experts who are experienced in manufacturing hospital furniture.


Team up with big importer companies, this division provides single-use equipment or disposable. such as circuit ventilators, anesthesia, jackson reese, and many more.

Rent, Service & Maintenance

This division focus on the rent, services, and maintenance of hospital equipment with the help of professional technicians who are experienced and responsible in their fields.

Medical Gas & Installation

This division focus on medical gas units and accessories, as well as the medical gas installation for hospital and home care. Providing any types of medical gas such as Oxygen, N2O, Vacuum, and Compressed Air.

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Kementerian Kesehatan-Jakarta

RS Bhayangkara Jakarta

RS Jantung Harapan Kita

Our Projects

Make sure every client is in the right hand and gets the best treatment from our services. Whether it is installation, service, or training.

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